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 Our 100% waterproof wall panel system is an affordable, durable solution to give your bathroom remodel a stunning new look that’s sure to please.. Our collection will give you a beautiful and maintenance free tub to shower conversion in just a couple of days! Choose from 28 unique designs and textures, whether you prefer a contemporary, classic or industrial look for your bathroom.

Knoxville Tub to Shower Conversions

 is the alternative to boring flimsy and unattractive acrylic showers. Featuring new in-trend colors alongside classic trend-setting marble designs, and industrial styling, our collection speaks to everyone interested in stylish, contemporary internal decoration.

Abbey Shale

Abbey Shale in its distinctive 16×24 design lends a stylish accent to any bathroom remodeling project. Used frequently in tub to shower conversions for a calm relaxed look, with its natural shades of grey and tan hues blending seamlessly together it creates a warm natural aura that suits any space.

Bring the beauty of Abbey Shale into your bathroom for a relaxing peace with nature appeal.


For those that are a fan of the concept “less is more”, minimalist design continues to prove popular and when done correctly, can dramatically maximize impact. Crisp, clean and fuss-free, creating the perfect bathroom requires a combination of form and function, space and aesthetics. With shades of white, beige, black and grey commonly used, brighter colors can actually make the bathroom look larger and brighter.

When combined with accentuated fixtures, fittings and accessories, the designs in this range will help to achieve that “in demand” minimalist and timeless interior.

Avalon Pine

Bringing the outside in, or biophilic design as it is also known, is a trend that has been increasing in popularity for the last few years and is showing no signs of slowing down.  An Avalon Pine tub to shower conversion is the perfect example in its distinguishing 16×24 tile pattern.

As we are all spending more time inside than ever before, biophilic design offers a chance to reconnect with nature, by bringing more natural elements and materials into the interior space.

In addition to looking great, this can help to relieve stress, improve mental health and wellbeing and make occupants feel both happier and healthier.

Antique Grey

Inspired by a trend of natural textures and materials. Combine Antique Grey with natural light and the addition of luscious greenery to promote feelings of warmth and well being for your whole family in a new bathroom remodel or tub to shower conversion.

In an eye catching 12×24 tile pattern Antique Grey is a robust and durable addition to your homes interior.

Rough Wood

Our Rough Wood décor is another design that can bring the outdoors in. Inspired by traditional Scandinavian design, it reflects the popularity of timber construction in Norway. With temperatures in winter hitting as low as -22 degrees in some areas of Norway, they know how to stay warm!

Timber is a great material for construction in part due to its thermal properties, and, with its timber effect design, Rough Wood can connote a similar feeling. It looks and feels warm to the touch, creating a beautiful and rustic look for any bathroom.

White Subway Tile

Sometimes, you just can’t beat a classic! This classic subway tile in a 3×6 pattern has a timeless classic feel suitable for a tub to shower conversion or use it as a wall finish throughout the entire bathroom. Enjoy this classic look without the traditional maintenance required  by tile and grout. If you love the tile look but hate the maintenance this is a great selection.

Throw away your  scrub brush! Our subway tile cleans easily with plain ole soap and water.

Aberdeen Brick

Sleek European styling in a 4×12 pattern, the Aberdeen Brick tub to shower conversion, is inspired by a Scottish culture that’s rich with traditional styling and design.

Give your bathroom remodel a distinctive vibrant feel with Aberdeen Brick 100% waterproof systems.

White Marble

Who doesn’t appreciate the luxurious look of marble? The symmetry of the appealing 24×24 design coupled with the cool look and feel of natural tile  goes with any finishes. Awe yourself with a stunning tub to shower conversion or full bathroom remodel completed in days instead of weeks.

Say goodbye to scrubbing moldy grout joints, these 100% waterproof panels easily clean with soap and water. Create a climate of luxury,peace and relaxation!

High Gloss White

Hard to go wrong with either the 12×16 or the 12×24 version of high gloss tile. A bold high gloss with faux indented 9/64 grout lines promotes a healthy clean feeling and upscale atmosphere. Looks great in a tub to shower conversion or as part of a waterproof wall system in a full bathroom remodel.

Create the bathroom you’ve always wanted with these inspiring high gloss white 100% waterproof systems. Combine with accent panels for an impressive combination.

Grey Sahara

Another great biophilic design, Grey Sahara in its 16×24 pattern boasts of authenticity with a light sandy texture. Light grey hues with dark veining accented by white indented faux grout lines  connect your bathroom remodel with the great outdoors.

Perfect choice for a tub to shower conversion or as a complete wall finishing system that is sure to impress. Goes great with natural and pastel finishes.


Frost is a smooth glossy panel with no grout lines providing a cool comforting tub to shower conversion that everyone will love. A  solid white marble appearance with subtle grey veining throughout gives the appearance of highly polished marble.

Easily create a cool holistic feeling  with this wintry delight.


Love the look of travertine but hate the high maintenance of natural stone? Travertine is a solid design inspired by natural limestone deposits in a white, tan and cream colored gloss finish brings the feeling of a “hot spring” to your shower.

Steeped in early history of Roman bathroom construction, Travertine has stood the test of time and will provide a timeless look and feel  in your bathroom remodel that never goes out of style.

Marina Oak

Who doesn’t love the warm feeling of wood finishes? Marina oak provides that warm luxurious feeling of natural wood with its distinguished graining and slightly weathered tone.

In a solid smooth panel with a fine oak veneer appearance it adds a natural radiance to your bathroom remodel that commands attention from all who enter.

Silver Grey Marble

Luxurious looking silver grey marble with a 24×24 tile pattern has a bold grey color with white veining that creates an upscale finish in a tub to shower conversion. Suitable for use in and out of the shower to give your bathroom remodel a complete marble appearance.

Enjoy the feeling  and appearance of luxurious silver grey marble without the high maintenance associated with traditional marble finishes.

Black Hexagon

Black Hexagon is one of our newest design styles. With it’s classic mosaic tile pattern it provides a crisp clean timeless look in a matte black finish. The hexagon tile pattern became very popular in the early 1900s with its geometric shape and has remained a timeless selection. Often used to promote the appearance of a clean sanitized look.

Whether used in a tub to shower conversion, a tub surround or a wainscot finish for the bathroom walls, black hexagon will provide years of durability in a timeless vogue look that never becomes outdated.

Herringbone Ocean Blue

Bringing blue shades into a bathroom remodel can help to create a spa-like aesthetic, blue and green hues have ascribed qualities such as purity, calmness, restoration and peace. Blue shades are also associated with nature,  in particular the coastal environment – again contributing to trends of bringing the outside in while focusing on mindfulness and relaxation.

Herringbone is a great example of a classic look for a tub to shower conversion that’s stood the test of time. 

Bianco Marble

Bianco is widely considered the premium marble, originally quarried from the northern Tuscany Region.  Its been used since Roman times as the stone of choice for sculptors and architects in Italy for its beauty, strength and durability. With whites and subtle greys in a distinguished 24×24 pattern Bianco Marble commands the center of attention in any bathroom.

Go ahead, spoil yourself! Start with a tub to shower conversion or get a full bathroom remodel with modern decorative accessories.

Herringbone White

Herringbone is yet another timeless pattern dating back its use in the Roman Empire for buildings and roads. Herringbone has a distinct interlocking pattern that has truly stood the test of time. Enjoy this versatile white finish coupled with the inspiring herringbone design that achieves an elegant and timeless look.

Combine with distinctive fixtures and accessories for a well rounded bathroom remodel that will harmonize with any space. 

Black Slate

Black Slate is a darker grey with shades of white and black veining all separated by  1/4″ white faux indented grout joints for maximum authenticity and “curb appeal”. Use it as a stunning contrast to other natural shades for a bold and upscale tub to shower conversion.

Combine black slate with cracked cement coupled with decorative accessories and fixtures for a complete designer bathroom remodel.

Greige Slate

Greige Slate merges color and texture to craft a neutral surface that is anything but ordinary! In a 12×24 tile pattern Greige Slate is an excellent look for an upscale look to a bathroom remodel. 

 With its natural stone appearance and lifelike indented faux grout joints Greige Slate adds a luxurious natural stone look to a tub to shower conversion.

Sandstone Slate

Another beige tone is Sandstone and it brings an authentic feeling sandy texture into the mix. The Sandstone decor is based off its namesake, a material that already has connotations of being warm, so this recommendation is fairly self-explanatory! The subtle yellows and browns help brighten up a space, while creating a feeling of warmth. With this decor, you can make it feel like summer even at the peak of winter

Designed with 24 x 12 inch tile look that adds a little extra peace and quiet feel to your bathroom.

HIgh Gloss White

High Gloss White in a smooth panel is a safe choice that will never go out of style.  Its glossy white finish emanates a clean sanitary feeling throughout.

Enjoy the sophisticated look of its robust construction and high gloss finish to compliment any decor. 

Cracked Cement

Love an organic natural look? Our tub to shower conversion in a cracked cement finish sets the tone of your bathroom as one of harmony and tranquility.

Subtle shades of grey blended throughout the smooth panel gives the appearance of real cement for a distinctively organic element to any space.

Vertical White Accent

The vertical white accent with its gloss white finish and accented pewter grout lines looks great as an accent with other panel combinations. 

The accent adds variation and style to any tub to shower conversion or bath remodel. Also available in black.


Vertical Black Accent

The  vertical black accent with its matte black tile finish accented with charcoal grout lines is the perfect accent to any wall in a tub to shower conversion. It’s also commonly used as a transition where different style wall panels are part of a bathroom remodel. Do your whole shower with it or use it as an accent,  the possibilities are endless. Also available in white.

Lake Blue

A calming lake blue shade captures the harmony and peace of “lazy days” at the lake. Our Lake Blue is a smooth matte finish, bringing a peaceful serenity to your bathroom remodel. Perfect for a tub to shower conversion or a full bathroom remodel. Brings a  soothing day at the lake feeling of the great outdoors. The perfect choice for a “nautical theme” in your bathroom or for those looking to create a warm relaxing space in the bathroom.

Sea Green

Green shades can not only bring the outdoors in; they can also help to warm up your bathroom space. Our Sea Green has a smooth  matte finish which creates that extra feeling of solidity, as opposed to tiles which can often feel cold or clinical due to their ceramic construction. Often used to symbolize peace and harmony, a sea green tub to shower conversion can help to bring a feeling of relaxation and warmth to your bathroom.

Definitely a smart choice for those looking to create their own space for calm and reflection.

Silver Strand

Create an oasis in your bathroom with the Silver Strand smooth matte finish, designed to be the focal point of your bathroom decor. With an “easy on the eyes” appearance sprinkled with delicate silver shades throughout you’ll have more than enough style to compliment your bathroom design.

Silver Strand promotes a warm fashion forward feeling for a stunning tub to shower conversion.

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