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Facts about walk-in safety tubs......

A walk-in tub is a good option for Knoxville homeowners looking to make bathing safer, more comfortable and more therapeutic.

A walk-in tub makes bathing easier, especially for older adults and people with disabilities. A traditional tub can make bathing difficult for older adults and people with disabilities or mobility concerns.

A walk-in tub offers easier accessibility than a traditional tub, so there’s less chance of slipping and falling than with a traditional bathtub.

 Knoxville homeowners who suffer from arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia or can benefit from the therapeutic effects of a walk-in tub.

A high quality walk in safety tub can cost significantly more than traditional bathtubs because of the extra work involved.

When looking for professional walk in tub installations in Knoxville make sure to understand exactly what your home improvement contractor is including in their cost estimates. Some homes, particularly older ones, may also need updated plumbing systems and  new dedicated electrical circuits installed before you can install a walk-in tub.

Sometimes updated plumbing and electrical circuits can involve cutting, patching and painting drywall outside the bathroom in other areas of the home to access  and install these updates. You’ll want to make sure your contractor is including all this in the estimate if applicable.

walk in safety tub

Confirm  the dimensions of the tub you select will fit through all the doorways and hallways between the outside of the home and the bathroom! Walk in tubs are large and it is common occurrence to have some interior door frames removed and reinstalled to get the walk in tub into the bathroom.

When considering a walk in tub confirm that the size of your water heater will accommodate the water capacity of a larger walk in tub. In some occasions, particularly in smaller homes a larger water heater may need to be installed, adding to the cost.

A walk-in tub is not considered by Medicare to be a medically necessary piece of equipment and it is not a piece of equipment they will typically cover.

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