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Five simple ways to save money on your bathroom remodeling project.

All we do is bathroom remodeling so I guess you could say we know a lot about it!  Bathroom remodeling is a great way to add value, beauty and function  to your home when done right. Using poor quality materials or unskilled labor can have the reverse effect that you’re looking for so don’t be skimpy there!  Without further ado here are five simple ways to save money on your bathroom remodel:

1. Demolition

If you have some basic DIY skills, tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses and gloves most people can handle the demolition aspect of a bathroom remodel. That’s right! Old fashioned “sweat equity” is the number one way to save your hard earned cash. 

 Make sure to discuss this with your bathroom Contractor ( Hopefully Us ) for tips, their availability should something go wrong, what is considered a “complete” demo job, scheduling and of course what are the potential savings and risk.

2.  Hire Local

Hiring a local licensed contractor is the absolute best way to save money ( if you’re not interested in or able to perform “sweat equity” on your project). I know those national brands have tempting gimmicks  to get your business but believe me when I say the reason they advertise one day installation is because that’s all the time they want to spend on your project. Having someone slap your bathroom remodel or tub to shower conversion in a day is not the path towards creating home value. You do want a return on your investment don’t you?  Qualified local contractors can give you a much more personalized service, provide better products and may be open to bartering for services you offer.

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3. Don’t move plumbing locations.

When planning your bathroom remodel think about the water supplies coming into your fixtures. For example if you have a vanity with the sink on one side you may want to only look at vanities with that sink configuration and drawer layout. Reconfiguring your homes existing plumbing can add unexpected costs to your bathroom remodel. If you want to change the sink or toilet location or add a double sink make sure to discuss those costs with your contractor.

4. Refinish instead of remodel.

Refinishing instead of a complete “gut job” remodel can keep more of your money in your own pocket. Once you have the tub replacement or shower remodel behind you the biggest part is done. You can give the rest of the room a simple refinish  patching and finishing drywall where it needs it followed by a new paint job and the installation of new bathroom accessories like flooring, trim,  towel bars, mirrors and lighting fixtures. In short, don’t tear out what is still useable!

 If you have an odd sized shower/bath area consider converting the space to fit a standard size tub or shower can be a significant savings over ordering special custom sized components.

5. Have all the materials before starting.

Now this may sound like a “no-brainer” but it’s true. Now I’m not talking about a quick run to the store for a plumbing part, that happens to the best of us. Even with bins full of plumbing parts in our work vans we occasionally have that happen! I’m referring to the major components, you don’t want to tear out your shower and then find out that beautiful new shower valve with matching head that you love takes two months to get…… 

With all that being said,

 I hope this has been an enjoyable and informative read for you. If there’s anything that the team at Knoxville tub to shower conversions can do for you please don’t hesitate to reach out at 865-247-5504. We’d be happy to discuss your bathroom remodel project with you at no cost. Share our post  and visit our facebook page for more relevant entertaining tips on bathroom remodeling.


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