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So you’re thinking about a bathroom remodeling project?

 Bathroom remodeling can be a simple upgrade to your shower area like a tub to shower conversion , having a walk-in safety tub installed or a full remodel of your bathroom. In short, bathroom remodeling means different things to different people. Let’s outline some bathroom remodeling concepts to get started.

Tub to Shower Conversion

A tub to shower conversion in its simplest form is removing your existing tub and replacing it with a walk-in shower. This is a popular service for age-ing in place because it makes entry into the shower much easier than stepping over the tub rim, helping to minimize the possibility of an accident while in the bathroom.

 There are many different materials available for tub to shower conversions including traditional tile, acrylic wall panels and aqua-lock HPL ( high pressure laminate) wall systems. Each of these materials has its pros and cons  in relation to price, quality, installation, cleaning and manufacturing methods. 

 The important thing as a consumer is to understand the differences before making a final decision. No one likes to pay for steak but get bologna. Don’t get me wrong, a good “ole” fried bologna sandwich can be a delicious thing here in East Tennessee but I would be disappointed if I went to the Longhorn and ordered a steak then the waiter tried to convince me that the bologna sandwich  he brought to the table was a steak.

 You can read about the pros and cons of the three main types of tub to shower conversions in this Ultimate guide for tub to shower conversions

Walk-In safety Tubs

Having a walk-in safety installed is a great way to make bathtub access easy for those that enjoy a soothing bath instead of a shower. There are a variety of options available with walk-in safety tubs like water jets, inline heaters, blowers and quick drainage systems.

 Not all walk-in safety tubs are created equal……….. so it’s important to understand which features you need and differentiate those from upgrades that you may not necessarily need or want.

 Designed with a therapeutic purpose in mind, a walk-in safety tub can elevate your bathing experience to one of comfort and satisfaction, helping to increase circulation for an overall better quality of life.

 Important considerations for gauging tub quality is the door seal so you don’t experience leaks that could lead to water damage outside the tub. Ergonomically designed lever handles are ideal  for those with partial grip or suffering with arthritis.

 As you can see now, Walk-in safety tubs are not a “one size fits all” solution so whether you want a simple deep water soaking tub, one with all the bells and whistles or something in between there’s a solution for your needs. Knoxville tub to shower conversions is a bathroom specialist serving East Tennessee from Knoxville to Newport and everywhere in between. For an honest and fair pricing consultation to discuss your needs for a walk-in safety tub with no gimmicks just give us a call at 865 247 5504.


Full Bathroom Remodeling

Best tub to shower conversion

A full bathroom remodeling project requires a skilled and experienced bathroom remodeling company as it covers a variety of trades and finishes. Most bathroom remodelers do not alter the footprint, or shape of the bathroom. If you do want to enlarge or change the shape of the existing bathroom it’s a more extensive remodeling project that extends beyond the bathroom.

 A full bathroom remodel consists of a new shower or tub, a new vanity, new plumbing fixtures like the faucets and toilet and new floor, wall and ceiling finishes as well as accessories.

 In a full bathroom remodel you have the option to change those vintage lights or noisy old exhaust fan, add light fixtures and switching as well as receptacles. Maybe you’ve always wanted another sink in that long vanity top? In a full bathroom remodel the options are endless, that’s why it’s important to hire a bathroom remodeling company rather than a run of the mill contractor. A bathroom remodeling specialist will be able to provide top quality work as well as be in tune with the latest products, designs and trends.

  A good way to start imagining a bathroom remodeling project is to begin with the shower and vanity. Think about the color, design and styles of both as well as the mechanics of how you want the end result to function. A good example of the mechanics would be the sink layouts and shower fixtures like wall mount shower heads, handheld shower wands or ceiling mounted shower heads, sprayers diverter valves and more.  Confusing?  Bathroom remodeling can be an overwhelming thought, but hey you only want to do this once.  It’s better to know about an option and decide you don’t want it as opposed to wishing later you had known.

 A successful bathroom remodeling project performed on time and within a budget must be fully thought out before  work commences, poor planning could have costly consequences. The best bathroom remodeling companies will help you plan your bathroom remodel from start to finish with the latest designs, features and accessories. 


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