3 design tips for walk-in showers

So you’re thinking of a new walk-in shower but want to avoid the common “pitfalls” associated with shower remodeling and tub to shower  conversions? Want to avoid a bathroom remodel that seemingly takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r……….?

Well buckle up and read on!

Design tip #1

Take into careful consideration the curb height on the shower base. It  doesn’t matter how beautiful your new shower is if it’s not functional and compatible with who’s using it. Does the user have mobility concerns or a disability? 

We all know that life can change in the blink of an eye. Don’t let an accident render that awesome new shower useless because you can’t step over the curb…

Insisting on a low profile curb will eliminate these concerns. A low profile curb should be between 1 1/4″ and 2 3/4″ tall. Curbless options are available at additional costs but depending on your needs, this option may be “money well spent”.

Design tip #2

Avoid “one day installations” . Initially this may sound like a good idea, but I’d argue against it.

Glueing acrylic panels over existing tile is not a good idea since grout joints absorb moisture. Essentially water is trapped behind the new acrylic panel and becomes a breeding ground for mold which can lead to infestation of bugs. Yuck!

By the time you notice mold growing inside the walls it’s too late…….. Your shower remodel needs to be re-done. Easily avoid this unwanted scenario by tearing out the entire shower down to the studs and starting over. Kinda like the old saying ” an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Design tip #3

Coordinate your accessories and how they work together to suit your needs.

Aaah. Accessories! Who doesn’t like accessorizing? Accessories are great provided they work together to seamlessly integrate your shower to suit your needs. Accessories that aren’t well thought out can be cumbersome to use and unappealing.

I could go on and on about accessories and how they function to suit individual needs, but since this is general advice and not tailored specifically for your needs I’ll just give one example……………

Lets say that you’re interested in  a shower bench and a handheld shower wand because you have mobility issues. You want the handheld shower wand to be accessible from the bench. Right? In this case you want a shower valve with a diverter so you can have the wand beside the bench, this way it’s functional to use from the bench. Handheld shower wands connected to the showerhead are of no use to you because they are designed to be used while standing and the supply line doesn’t reach the bench. In short, think about your individual needs and how you want the shower to function to best suit those needs.

I hope you've found this useful!

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