Top five bathroom trends for 2023

If you were putting a bathroom remodel off in 2022, the new year represents a new opportunity to finally explore designs, kick that old tub to the curb and get started on that project you’ve wanted to do for so long.

Bathroom remodeling is a great home improvement and if you’re thinking about giving your outdated bathroom a new lease on life in 2023, we want to share what we think will be the top five bathroom trends in 2023!

So, let’s get started….

Biophilic design

Biophilic design  increases  an occupants connection with the natural environment through the use of natural and organic finishes blended together to achieve a natural feel. Many believe that this concept promotes health and comfort to create a luxurious transformation to any indoor space.

Since biophilic design is inspired by nature, some of the best ways to evoke nature are through the use of natural light and house plants integrated with finishes that mimic nature like wood, stone and water.

Our Collection of wall panels offer several biophilic designs that are suitable for shower remodeling like tub to shower conversions, or use them throughout the bathroom for a perfectly coordinated look.

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Marble and Slate

Marble has always been a popular look for bathroom remodeling and will continue into 2023 to be a great look for bathrooms and showers.

Creating a modern and luxurious feel, our wall panels look and feel like real marble so it’s the perfect choice for anyone wanting an easy to maintain alternative to real marble without compromising on style and design.

Create a completely different atmosphere in your new bathroom remodel or tub to shower conversion by using our 100% waterproof wall panels, while saving  on construction times and costs associated with using marble tiles.

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes are not so much a trend, as they are a timeless classic look that never goes out of style. Herringbone patterns were used by early Roman culture thousands of years ago. That’s not a trend, that’s classic style! The same holds true for shapes like 3×6 subway and mosaic hexagon.

Go ahead, convert that old tub to a new shower or remodel the entire bathroom for a symmetrical timeless look that will always be in style. 


Bathroom Shades for 2023

We believe the most popular bathroom color in 2023 will remain white followed by pastel colors like green or blue.

 White finishes are often associated with  tranquility and peacefulness, incorporate white through lustrous materials like high gloss tiles or  waterproof wall panels to create a comforting bathroom that will serve as a peaceful retreat.

Colors like blue and green in light colors offer  a peaceful relaxation, while bolder shades can provide more intensity.

Coordinate these finishes with brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze or matte black accessories and fixtures to complete the look.

Shower doors, enclosures and screens

Options are possible like never before to determine how you want your shower to look and be accessed. Glass enclosures have become really popular, with the two-sided design it’s a great way to give the bathroom an open larger feel. Easily eliminate a partition wall for an immediate openness and larger feel to your bathroom remodel.

Shower screens are a partial enclosure that allows unfettered access to the shower. With a hinged screen to detain water this is a very modern sleek look.

Traditional shower doors have really upped their design game. Boring shower doors are a thing of the past, with a variety of options like frameless glass and exposed rollers to give your shower a customized look unique to your design tastes.


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